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    United Kingdom,
    October 13, 2020
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    Sunny Sihra

    SimplyMeds Online Pharmacy was started in 2015 as a family run business by two experienced healthcare professionals that were looking to innovate to improve access to medicines. They have the aim to be the best provider of simple, reliable and affordable private healthcare online without compromising on patient care.


    They are UK based (Essex) with UK prescribers, we do not outsource our prescribing. In fact,their main prescriber is in house, one of their pharmacists.


    With SimplyMeds Online:


    •  There’s no waiting on hold to book appointments

    •  No need to wait more than a day to get your treatment

    •  No need to take a day off to attend your appointment

    •  No worry that your medication isn’t what it says it is.

    •  No reason to suffer unnecessarily

    Visit https://www.simplymedsonline.co.uk.

    Contact Information
    Phone: 0208 262 3252