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    United Kingdom,
    February 14, 2021
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    Mark Wayne

    When it involves the disposal of retired electronics, it’s important that they don’t find yourself during a landfill. Proper e-waste recycling and IT asset disposal prevents your data from falling in to the incorrect hands and ensures that you’re operating correctly within the eyes of the law.

    Computers, monitors, keyboards, phones and other electronic devices contain materials that are harmful to the environment. Data that is still on hard drives and IT equipment leaves organizations hospitable data breaches. Illegal disposal can find yourself with expensive lawsuits and an embarrassing media story. You don’t want to urge caught in any of those situations, and that’s why we’re here.

    IT RECYCLE LTD is compliant with all laws for correct IT recycling. we will even come to your door and devour IT assets ready for disposal. While we’re there, we also are ready to securely destroy all hard drives, cell phones and other data-containing equipment.

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